Living at the End of Life

How Will This Guide Help ?

People grappling with serious illness often find themselves overwhelmed with questions, with uncertainty about what to expect, or how to deal with the changes and challenges they face. This guide offers insight into these questions. Here you’ll find the words and wisdom of those who have faced these issues, asked these questions, and found their way through to a place of hope and healing, in their relationships with others and within themselves, to feel—even amidst disease and decline—comfort, wholeness, and peace.

The questions asked range from the practical—such as how to maximize energy and how to prevent discomfort—to broader, more contemplative questions of purpose and meaning. Because these questions will arise at different times for each person, the guide is designed to be read in any order. You choose what you read, how much, and when.

In the guide you’ll find:

  • Suggestions to maximize energy, mobility, and independence
  • Advice on addressing conflict and unresolved issues
  • Ideas for creating meaningful conversations
  • Suggestions for adapting to a changing appetite
  • Practical caregiving instructions
  • Information on common pain medications, and guidance for medication management
  • Descriptions of hospice, the services it offers, and supportive therapies
  • Explorations of care settings outside the home
  • Lists of resources for additional information or support
  • Insights into emotional and spiritual issues, and more